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We love it when a plan comes together!
Now that we understand your project objectives and direction, our expert team will capture and create your assets ready to wow your audience.

Whether you are looking to produce a high-end TV advert, online promotional video, live broadcast or hybrid event we’ve got you covered. The Colada team has over 30 years of production experience working on a huge range of projects. 

We completely agree with the statement “the message of a video is more important than the equipment used to tell that story” but the combined benefits of a great message alongside high end equipment and an experienced team are tenfold. 

Lots of our clients have absolutely no interest in ‘how’ we produce our content; they just want it done! And we get that! For us, it’s all about why and how our equipment and expertise can bring your project to life in the best way possible. 

Every investment we make, be it educational or training for our team, or the equipment we purchase, our only thought is ‘what benefit is that to our customers’. That’s the main thing, right? 

We offer a truly unique production offering at Colada Creative. One that we know and feel is an absolute benefit to our clients.


The right tools for the right job enable the team to be even more creative. The right selection of equipment enables us to be even more free flowing and efficient while working.


Having a huge range of equipment allows us to be extra creative whether that means ‘running and gunning’ at an event and being super flexible with a low footprint or filming studio/set up based work where we can control the environment.


We are firm believers in quality. Whether it be the service we provide or the end product that we deliver. It’s always about quality.


All of our equipment is maintained, serviced and tested on a regular basis reducing the risk of failure on a commercial job.

Continual improvement & Investment

We can shoot up to 6K – Future proofed productions gives your video an even longer shelf life and your archive greater value.

All of our equipment is in house

No extra rental costs for our productions allows us to be more flexible and competitive.

When we say industry standard, we mean it

The equipment that we use can be seen on TV & Movie sets all around the world such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Narcos and Better Call Saul.

We’d love to ‘geek out’ and chat about production if that’s something you’re interested in or, if you’re thinking about a project currently, let’s have a chat about how we can approach that in the best way for you.
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What does production look like?

Video Production

Using the latest technology – such as gimbals, motion sliders and our selection of in-house camera equipment – we will film your project to the highest standards – every time. 


Lighting really sets the mood on a scene.
Which is why each project requires a different approach this artform. We will bring your shots to life by using industry standard equipment and techniques.


We have a huge variety of sound recording equipment to capture everything from interview audio to ambient sound.
We know each project is different and we have a solution for everyone!


Still photography captures a moment in time. We incorporate still photography for online and print applications using full frame and medium format cameras.

Video Editing

Our state-of-the-art editing suite is where your edits to come to life. We love to welcome our clients to our edit suite where you can enjoy the results in a 65″ viewing space with flat response surround sound speakers.

Motion GFX / VFX / 3D

Motion graphics, visual effects and 3D are all fantastic elements of video production that help to communicate information and show extraordinary hyper detail, which sometimes isn’t possible to recreate in real life.

Colour Grading

Colour grading your project visuals is an important step to demonstrate the right message and tone of the collateral we create for you.


We’re experts in working with sound effects and picking
the right audio for your project.
We have access to multiple sound libraries so no sound, music track or audio experience is off limits! 

What we do
Creative Development

This is where the story starts, we learn about your project ambitions, your goals, what you are looking to achieve with your digital content and map out strategies to achieve. 


Our production process comprises of a number of elements; video filming, sound, graphics, motion graphics, 3D, visual effects, colour grading, photography…


Now your assets are complete, let’s put them to work! Within an asset activation plan we version your content for specific platforms to reap the rewards!


Have an idea or a project, lets collaborate and build some awesome stuff

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