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Wicksteed approached Colada Creative to produce video content demonstrating how to use their range of outdoor gym equipment.

Wicksteed is a leading outdoor playground equipment manufacturer based in Kettering with over 100 years experience of designing, manufacturing and supplying commercial playground equipment.

Colada has extensive experience of supporting athletes, fitness brands and sports broadcasters with video production services.

To increase the accessibility of their outdoor gym and fitness equipment Wicksteed wanted to create a series of videos demonstrating how to use the equipment. With the help of a personal trainer, Colada created a video for each piece of equipment accessible through a QR code. This allows a member of the public to quickly understand how to best use the equipment in a safe and effective way.

Although Wicksteed has many installations around the UK, a new installation at Donnington Recreation Ground in Telford was chosen for the filming.

Video is a highly effective way to demonstrate how to use outdoor gym equipment for several reasons:

  • Visual Learning
    Video allows the viewer to see how to use the gym equipment. Many people are visual learners and find it easier to understand the correct form and technique through visual demonstrations rather than a written explanation.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance
    Video can offer step-by-step instructions and demonstration, ensuring users follow a structured approach. This minimises the risk of injury and helps users get the maximum benefit from their workout.

  • Accessibility
    Videos can be easily accessed on various devices. A QR code scanned on the equipment offers a quick way to access the instructional video on the spot.

  • Engagement
    Video demonstrations are super easy to understand and allow the gym equipment to be explained and demonstrated in a way that caters to different learning styles, increasing the likelihood to proper use of the equipment. Leading to more fun and effective workouts!

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