Tomorrow has over sixty years of experience working at the forefront of cardiovascular and clinical research. The team of global leaders are committed to creating a health screening that makes a real difference to people’s long-term health.

Tomorrow wanted a video that promotes its unique service, an offering that saves lives and identifies early detection of cardiovascular disease.

The video we created needed to share consultants’ knowledge of cardiovascular disease, showcase the unique technology, and explain the patient experience, from consultation to testing.

This video needed to assure potential clients that they would be in good hands.

We used interviews with consultants to drive the narrative of the video. In their own words, they shared their medical knowledge about cardiovascular disease and the capabilities of the technology – including turnaround times and client expectations. We wanted the consultants to come across authentically in order to build trust with the viewer. We achieved this by conducting interviews in a relaxed, low-pressure way with the consultants in their environment – next to the equipment they use with patients every day.

Through the visual language of video, we followed the path of a client from initial consultation and questionnaires through to screening, testing and sharing results with a professional. This footage was edited with the interview through cutaways, or as supporting content.

Motion graphics were used to support the interviews. We added sections of the online questionnaire to show potential patients the types of questions they’d be asked and bring some familiarity to the process for those who commit to working with Tomorrow.

We worked with Tomorrow to deliver two videos: a shorter and an extended version. Having a shorter version gave Tomorrow the opportunity to put different videos out to different viewers depending on where it was being used and what their audience needed.

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