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Telford Park School was the ‘Top Performing Secondary School in England’, winning a Renaissance Award 2018. This secondary school is devoted to ‘Ensuring Excellence’ from its students and staff and wanted a video to reflect the schools ethos.

We were contacted by the school to create a promotional video that communicated with parents and prospective students in a clear and engaging way.

We worked with staff at Telford Park School to create a video that shares the unique atmosphere and ethos at the school. The video also highlights school subjects and facilities including art classrooms and sports halls.

Spending time on campus allows us greater opportunity to capture the authentic feel of a school, for Telford Park we filmed over three days. This allows us to capture real footage of staff and students during the normal school timetable.

Speaking with student ambassadors brings an element of trust for parents watching the video. You hear the positives directly from the student’s perspective. We captured this footage in a relaxed setting using a Q&A approach, which allowed unscripted interviewees to use their own authentic voice.

We always made sure to ask questions that drew out the language and key points that Telford Park School wanted to get across to viewers. For example, students discussed the diversity of the school, the friendly staff and students.

This video is now on the homepage of the school website as it clearly encapsulates what the school is about and what it is like to attend as a student. Video brings life to a static website and puts the viewer in the midst of the action.

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Telford Park School

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