Smithers is a multinational company, with laboratories and operations in North America, Europe and China. Smithers offer testing, consulting, information, compliance and transportation service to its clients and helps them to launch new products and materials such as medicines, food produce and more.

Our work with Smithers focused on promoting its testing facilities, specifically the testing facilities where it tests Extractable’s and Leachable’s (E&L) to ensure that the drugs that patients take are safe and deliver the right medicine in the right dosage.

Smithers wanted two videos covering the different sites and services that the testing facilities offer. The video needed to appeal to its target audience: pharmaceutical and produce companies.

The videos we created showcased Smithers’ in house facilities, the technology used and the employees that use them.

We constructed a video that shared footage of the technology alongside interviews with key team members whose interview supported the video, explained the process, shared Smithers’ value, and service level.

Smithers wanted to make sure that the expertise it has in the company came across in the promotional videos. Colada captured footage of the employees working, using the technology, and why we did interviews with several of the directors so that they could explain what it is they do and what they can offer to prospective clients.

The video explains and demonstrates the importance of what Smithers does, how it does it and the lengths it goes to with their clients, showing how it not only does the testing but helps to explain results to the clients and help them to improve their products to meet the required standards.

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