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Shelmore Timber is located in Staffordshire and provides premium quality timber, grown and processed to the highest standards. It takes great care in producing timber ethically and sustainably from its own beautiful, managed estate – a 700-acre woodlands on Norbury Park and Ranton Estates.

Shelmore Timber needed video and photography that elevated its online presence and provided visual content to present its stunning forestry in Staffordshire alongside the hard work that goes on behind the scenes – from management of a maturing woodland, planting 750,000 trees, harvesting, processing, milling and so much more. It was important that the videos could be used across the web, to support marketing campaigns as well as providing visual content to capture audience attention at trade shows.

The video produced for Shelmore Timber showed exactly what it does all while sharing the company values.

The marketing team at Shelmore had big plans for video – from social media campaigns to Trade shows.

Colada produced a series of still photographs that could be used on the Shelmore Timber website and printed marketing materials.

The benefit of producing video and photography materials collaboratively is that the imagery is all in line with each other, creating a consistent brand image.

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We love the video. It very cleverly translates what is quite difficult to put into words.

Shelmore Timber

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