Protolabs is the world’s fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes and on-demand production parts. They have manufacturing facilities in five countries: United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Germany, France, and Italy.

Protolabs needed a video for their annual, internal, black-tie event. Each year the Protolabs team bring employees from around the globe, together. Each event starts and ends with an on-brand and exciting video that showcases what Protolabs do and how their manufacturing is used in different industries, like automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and aerospace.

Protolabs commissioned Colada to create a video to excite event attendees, including managing directors. We worked with their design team to produce a energetic video that left the team feeling proud of what they’ve achieved and excited for what’s next.

Before production began we created a look video, which is a short video that demonstrates the overall look of the video – the pace, the editing style, and the type of music. This allowed Protolabs to feedback on the look and feel of the video before full production commenced.

Protolabs endeavour to showcase the value of every employee and every stage of the manufacturing process. Every job role matters.

We captured the people behind the global company by filming hero style sequences of employees in the offices and factories. We captured the ‘behind the scenes’ moments of the parts being manufactured. From design through to production, packaging and posting.

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I presented the video to the directors and they gave it a round of applause.


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