Freyssinet is at the forefront of specialist civil and structural engineering. It focus on the repair, refurbishment and protection of structures and are known globally for its innovative solutions in civil and structural engineering.

We were commissioned to film one of Freyssinet’s most revolutionary solutions that allows the company to vertically ‘jack up’ masonry bridge arches, now named the ‘ElevArch’ method.

Freyssinet wanted a timelapse video that showcased its innovative process in action; the World’s First Masonry Arch Bridge Lift.

We worked with Freyssinet’s internal team and created a timelapse over the course of the six month bridge lift project. We covered the process behind elevating this 161 year old, 220 tonne masonry arch bridge by 900mm.

Timelapse has its place in many videos as it shows the passing of time. This particular video technique is a popular method for long-term construction projects where companies want to showcase progression.

For the Masonry Arch Bridge Lift, time lapse created a visual summary of the project. Freyssinet were able to document the success of its new technology.

We filmed interviews and coverage on the day of the live bridge lift demonstration, where over 100 guests from the rail sector were invited on site to witness the ElevArch lift.

An extended video was created that used timelapse to show the construction workers’ work over the six months, how the lift was done and how unique the technology is. The interviews explain the innovative technology and explain how this solution will be applied throughout the network rail industry.

Freyssinet has an internal team of video editors. We supplied them with our footage taken from the lift and they were able to create future videos that featured our timelapse and interviews.

Working in collaboration with internal teams gives marketing assets longevity and consistency. The videos have been shared on the Freyssinet website and on YouTube where the video has been watched over 8,700 times. Network Rail also shared the video on their social media where the video was watched over 5,700 times.

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The result was far greater than we expected, with some clever creative spins.


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