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European Geophysical Services contacted Colada to create content showcasing their skills, experience and range of services.

Colada collaborated with Euro Geo’s in-house team to develop creative concepts that communicated the company culture, innovation, service levels and the wide range of solutions that they offer.

Filming took place over the course of a week, allowing us to capture a full 360 view of the company. Colada captured Euro Geo’s facility in Shropshire, borehole survey near Liverpool and off road training near Lutterworth.

The filming was planned to provide a valuable archive of video content that could be used for multiple video projects over an extended period.

In addition to video footage Colada captured still photography, alongside, to create additional value for the client.

Having an archive of content available enables Euro Geo to create multiple different videos for unique audiences or purposes. For example pre-event video to promote their attendance at a conference and a long form conference video to be used on screens at the event.

There is further potential to produce a company overview video, service specific and sector specific content, short clips for social media, banner videos for their website and lots more!

If you’re interested in producing video and digital content for your brand or business, we would love to hear from you.

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European Geophysical Services

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