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Delos Partnership works with companies to educate and facilitate employers to redesign systems, processes and culture. It had just launched a new website with video capability and needed a video to showcase its services in action.
It wanted a compelling video that could be used on the homepage, which demonstrates its value to customers’ and encourage lead generation through the Delos website.

We worked with Managing Director, Richard Watkin’s to scope a video in collaboration with Delos’ client, Chaucer Foods and software provider, Dynasys.

Chaucer Foods and Dynasys have a global presence, with facilities based in Europe, America and Asia. We needed to organise a production day at the Chaucer offices with key Dynasys stakeholders flying in from France.

Collaborative case study videos are incredibly effective thanks to the third-party credibility.
By creating case study videos in collaboration, Delos, Chaucer Foods and Dynasys were all able to benefit from the narrative, particularly as the video was shared by all three companies, increasing cross exposure with relevant audiences.

A case study produced in collaboration acts as a third party endorsement for all companies involved. Instead of a company promoting its own brand, it shares it’s positive experiences with another.

We managed the video project from planning through to production, delivery and a website upload on the WordPress content management system. This required our project management team to find a production day that worked for the three companies. We also planned the script to ensure that all key details and brand messaging was part of the narrative by liaising with the communications team in each company.

We organised a shot list and arranged for key people from around the globe to meet at Chaucer Foods, Hull on the day of production.

Motion graphics support the interviewee clips by driving the messages through the visual language of video. Instead of just telling the viewer about Chaucer’s global presence we used a map to show it and support the video’s narrative.

With numerous stakeholders to please we shared a draft video for feedback. Once approved, we exported an optimised version for online video platforms, which we knew would look great on the website and social media channels.

If you’re interested in producing video and digital content for your brand or business, we would love to hear from you.

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Colada was superb at organising the video, setting up the interviews and getting the video completed. It is great to have it up on our website to promote the work.

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