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Welsh Slate, a proud member of the Breedon Group, is a globally renowned producer of high-quality slate products. With a rich heritage and a reputation for excellence, Welsh Slate wanted to effectively communicate their unique craftsmanship and showcase their products to a wider audience.

The primary objective was to leverage video and photography to promote Welsh Slate’s production processes and products. The assets produced would be used for external communication on the internet and across various social media platforms. The aim was to create engaging content that would captivate viewers and convey the exceptional beauty and craftsmanship of Welsh Slate.

Video is a powerful tool for promoting businesses, particularly in the context of showcasing manufacturing processes and products. For Welsh Slate, video offered several key benefits:

Video provides an immersive experience, allowing viewers to witness the intricate details and mesmerising transformation of raw slate into exquisite products. This visual impact creates a lasting impression and evokes a sense of appreciation for the artistry involved.

Through video, Welsh Slate could tell the story behind their brand, highlighting their heritage, craftsmanship, and commitment to quality. The narrative element adds depth and emotional resonance, enabling viewers to connect with the brand on a more profound level.

In the digital age, video content can be easily shared and distributed worldwide. Harnessing the power of social media platforms, Welsh Slate could extend their reach to a global audience, amplifying brand awareness and attracting potential customers from various corners of the globe.

Colada Creative brought their expertise and creative vision to the table, employing innovative production techniques to capture video and photography content that would leave a lasting impression:

Colada Creative approached the project with a cinematic mindset, combining visually stunning shots, compelling narratives, and evocative music to create an immersive experience for viewers. This approach elevated the content beyond a mere showcase, transforming it into an engaging story that captured the essence of Welsh Slate.

With a keen eye for composition, Colada Creative carefully framed each shot to highlight the beauty and elegance of Welsh Slate’s products. From sweeping aerial shots to intricate close-ups, the composition of the visuals aimed to captivate viewers and inspire them with the artistry of the slate production process.

Colada Creative understands the power of emotion in storytelling. Infusing the videos and photographs with emotive elements, leveraging the dedication and passion of the craftsmen and women behind Welsh Slate’s production. Tapping into the viewers’ emotions, the content fostered a sense of admiration and connection with the brand.

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