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Colada Creative has over 30 years of experience when it comes to live streaming, broadcast, and event production. We’ve worked on live video and event projects all around the world from the UK all the way to Russia and the United States. Rest assured that our team has you covered when it comes to bringing your next live event to screen all over the world. 

We are specialists at building broadcast formats which enables your content to run seamlessly to a worldwide audience.

We specialise in building great Live Event experiences across multiple genres such as conferences, sporting events, industry forums and corporate communications.

In developing the Live experience our goal is to create a best-seat-in-the house feel, giving the remote viewer an equal experience as someone in the venue.

This is particularly important for the new interaction of hybrid events, where not everyone is there in person but everyone can leave with the same experience, having the opportunity to engage and interact.

Our aim is always to create an on-par experience for those who attend virtually while providing video and audio to support the in-venue experience.

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Go live with Colada

Our live service offering is split into three service areas which include live streaming, hybrid events and broadcast.

Live Streams

Colada can create, manage, and deliver high quality live video and audio from your event to an audience anywhere in the world. Whether it be internal, behind a paywall or open to anyone.

Hybrid Events

Enable a remote audience to be a part of your event from anywhere in the world. Hybrid events offer a level of engagement and interaction that is on par with being at the event itself.

Check out our blog on Live Streams for Conferences and Hybrid Events.

Broadcast, OTT and Television

Colada is experienced in producing live events that fulfil the requirements of broadcasters / commercial partners and deliver an excellent viewing experience for your audience.

Colada’s top tips & things to consider when working live…

What do I need for my live stream?


On screen graphics

On screen graphics add another level of communication with the viewer. You can add extra information plus it’s an opportunity to include branding and sponsorship.


Pre & Post event Promotion

Producing content before and after your event can help increase value. Releasing content in advance helps build hype, understanding of what you’re offering and how it will work, sell tickets / increase buys. It builds awareness.

Post event content gives your event new life and is a shareable asset that shows people what they missed!



Colada works with multiple distribution channels based on the requirements of our clients. Most platforms and broadcasts have different requirements, features, and benefits. It’s important to optimise your live stream to your primary distribution platform.


Viewing Experience

It’s really all about the basics. If you get them right, everything else is gravy! Simplicity is usually the key to creating a great quality seamless viewing experience. High quality, clean audio recording is the most important followed by high quality video. Then you can add creative flare, bells and whistles on top.


Production Standard

Every event, live stream or broadcast is different. Consider how far you want to go in terms of resource. Are you looking to keep it basic or produce something with style and flare – a more premium feel.


Audience Interaction

Do you want to create a “lean forward experience” where viewers are actively invited to be involved? Submitting questions, participating in polls. Giving users an element of control massively increases engagement.


Provide Value

Create a broadcast or live stream that your audience is excited to be a part of. There are lots of ways to provide value whether it be content wise, a guest speaker or participant or the opportunity to engage. Find what your target audience needs to spark their interest and we’ll help you develop a format for the stream that maximises interest and engagement throughout.


Transmission & Connectivity

How are you going to get video and audio out of the event space – live? More often than not good quality internet is sufficient. Sometimes a portion of this connectivity can be ring fenced just for the stream. Where connectivity is limited or you’d like the extra security of a secondary backup we can provide this through bonded mobile broadband or a satellite connection.


Pre-Production, site visit & testing

There is no replacement for being prepared. It stands to reason that the more preparation you put into something the smoother and less stressful it will be on the day.

The colada Way

We create digital video & visual content with a clear purpose, that communicates to your audience.

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Each project starts with exploring our clients objectives and gaining valuable insight into how their business works. Our creative team then develops innovative and commercially focussed concepts to form a clear insight into how we can bring your project or campaign to life. 

Colada’s team of directors, producers, camera operators, drone pilots, sound recordists, editors and motion designers work in harmony as one.

We believe that our wide range of skill sets, diversity in culture, experience and perspectives enable us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. 

Colada Creative Video Brief Guide

Download our free project brief guide

Get the most out of your next project with the help of our project brief guide.

Whether you’re looking to produce your next video project, photography commission, interactive video, or live stream, we’ve got you covered!

The guide is filled with must have information, top tips, and insights to get the most out of your next project.

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Our live stream & broadcast service

Pre Production

Using the latest technology – such as gimbals, motion sliders and our selection of in-house camera equipment – we will film your project to the highest standards – every time. 


Still photography captures a moment in time. We incorporate still photography for online and print applications using full frame and medium format cameras.


Lighting really sets the mood on a scene.
Which is why each project requires a different approach this artform. We will bring your shots to life by using industry standard equipment and techniques.


We have a huge variety of sound recording equipment to capture everything from interview audio to ambient sound.
We know each project is different and we have a solution for everyone!


We’re experts in working sound effects and picking
the right audio for your project.
We have access to multiple sound libraries so no sound, music track or audio experience is off limits!

Video Editing

Our state-of-the-art editing suite is where your edits to come to life. We love to welcome our clients to our edit suite where you can enjoy the results in a 65″ viewing space with flat response surround sound speakers.

Motion GFX / VFX / 3D

Motion graphics, visual effects and 3D are all fantastic elements of video production that help to communicate information and show extraordinary hyper detail, which sometimes isn’t possible to recreate in real life.

Colour Grading

Colour grading your project visuals is an important step to demonstrate the right message and tone of the collateral we create for you.

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What we do

We offer a complete in-house managed content creation service.
Whether you’re looking to produce a one-off promotional video, a fully managed campaign or live broadcast the Colada team have got you covered. 

We believe and stand by the Colada Blue Print, which comprises of the following elements…

Creative Development

This is where the story starts, we learn about your project ambitions, your goals, what you are looking to achieve with your digital content and map out strategies to achieve. 


Our production process comprises of a number of elements; video filming, sound, graphics, motion graphics, 3D, visual effects, colour grading, photography…


Now your assets are complete, let’s put them to work! Within an asset activation plan we version your content for specific platforms to reap the rewards!


Have an idea or a project, lets collaborate and build some awesome stuff


Colada Creative is a video production agency based in Telford, Shropshire. We produce video and photography content for businesses, broadcasters and brands worldwide. 

We have a simple mission: To produce visually stunning content that delivers extraordinary results.

Working within a family ethos, Colada is built on relationships and reputation. We are passionate about our client associations and are invested in the success of every project.

Together, we create.

Explore the different types of live video content we create...

  • Corporate Video Production

  • Product Video Production

  • Live Streaming Video Production

  • Website Video Production

  • Case Studies Video Production

  • Conference Video Production

  • Training Video Production

  • Interactive Video Production

  • Live Broadcast Video Production

  • Advert Video Production

  • Drone Video Production

  • Promotional Video Production

  • Event Video Production

  • Social Media Video Production

  • Training Video Production

  • Television Commercial Video Production

  • Marketing Video Production

  • Medical Video Production

  • Explainer Video Production

  • Aerial Video Production

  • Interview Video Production

  • Animation Video Production

  • Customer Testimonials Video Production

  • Education Video Production

  • Charity Video Production

  • Motion Graphics Video Production

  • Construction Video Production

  • Timelapse Video Production

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