Interactive Video

What is interactive video?

Interactive Video User

Add interactive touch-points to anything or anyone in your video then link those to fully customisable overlays that reveal themselves when your audience interacts.


See a product you like in the video? Click to buy! Shorten the conversion funnel by allowing viewers to purchase within the video itself. 

Branch Out

Add choices to your video and allow your audience to choose their own journey as they watch.

Why interactive video?

It’s super flexible and audiences love it!

Increase engagement, viewing time, memorability and purchase intent.

Stand out and be different while getting more out of your video content.

The colada Way

We create digital video & visual content with a clear purpose, that communicates to your audience.

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Each project starts with exploring our clients objectives and gaining valuable insight into how their business works. Our creative team then develops innovative and commercially focussed concepts to form a clear insight into how we can bring your project or campaign to life. 

Colada’s team of directors, producers, camera operators, drone pilots, sound recordists, editors and motion designers work in harmony as one.

We believe that our wide range of skill sets, diversity in culture, experience and perspectives enable us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. 

We’re always so excited when we’re approached to produce an interactive video for our clients. Over the years interactive video has become more and more accessible to end users and today can be accessed on any device be it a mobile phone or computer. 

The power of interactive video blows us away every time! As you can see from the statistics below the results are truly astonishing. 

Interactive enables the viewer to have a different type of experience from a traditional linear video. We call this a ‘lean forward’ experience. Where you would typically ‘lean back’ and watch a video, interactive provokes the viewer to make a decision whether that be to explore a product, answer a question or any other prompt you could think of!

There are so many opportunities to utilise this interactive technology whether it be shoppable, to explore a campus, staff training there’s literally no barriers to where this technology can take your next production. We get so excited about this!

Traditional analytics are also a thing of the past when it comes to interactive video. Now we have the power to see how long a viewer has ‘dwelled’ on a piece of information, who clicked on what, how many times. Anything you could ever want to know about your viewers can now be found!

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Create interactive videos that leave an impact on your audience.


Interactive video content put the viewer right at the centre of the action. Instead of a traditional video, which we would refer to as a ‘lean back’ experience, interactive video content is a ‘lean forward’ experience prompting the viewer to engage therefore enabling a more effective communication with greater context and faster outcomes. 

More engagement

X Longer engagement on interactive video

Supercharge your video with up to 5X longer engagement when compared to linear video.

Increase conversions

% Higher conversion rates

Join the likes of Burberry, Nike, Porsche, IKEA and many other top global brands who use interactive video to drive engagement. This proven technology is supercharging video engagement where linear video isn’t measurable with up to 30% higher conversion rates.

Higher purchase intent

X Increase on purchase intent

Inspire viewers with amazing video content, then seamlessly convert their intent by making the products literally purchasable within your video.

Watch time surge

% Increase in time spent in video

Interactive video offers viewers more opportunity to engage which results in surge in watch time.

A step-up in click through rates

% Increased click-through rate

Because users are more engaged in an interactive experience we see this translate into an increased clicks through rate. 

Boost in items added to cart

% Increase in products added to cart

Reducing the conversion funnel to zero steps means viewers can see an items they love in your video and make purchases directly within your video.

Colada Creative Video Brief Guide

Download our free project brief guide

Get the most out of your next project with the help of our project brief guide.

Whether you’re looking to produce your next video project, photography commission, interactive video or live stream, we’ve got you covered!

The guide is filled with must have information, top tips and insights to get the most out of your next project.

Colada Creative Showreel

Our video production service

Pre Production

Pre-Production is the foundation of a successful project. It covers locations. Deadlines, everything that’s required to be sure that your content is on message, looks great and is delivered time.


Still photography captures a moment in time. We incorporate still photography for online and print applications using full frame and medium format cameras.


Lighting really sets the mood on a scene.
Which is why each project requires a different approach this artform. We will bring your shots to life by using industry standard equipment and techniques.


We have a huge variety of sound recording equipment to capture everything from interview audio to ambient sound.
We know each project is different and we have a solution for every one!


We’re experts in working sound effects and picking
the right audio for your project.
We have access to multiple sound libraries so no sound, music track or audio experience is off limits! 

Video Editing

Our state-of-the-art editing suite is where your edits to come to life. We love to welcome our clients to our edit suite where you can enjoy the results in a 65″ viewing space with flat response surround sound speakers.

Motion GFX / VFX / 3D

Motion graphics, visual effects and 3D are all fantastic elements of video production that help to communicate information and show extraordinary hyper detail, which sometimes isn’t possible to recreate in real life.

Colour Grading

Colour grading your project visuals is an important step to demonstrate the right message and tone of the collateral we create for you.

Highlight Projects
What we do

We offer a complete in-house managed content creation service.
Whether you’re looking to produce a one-off promotional video, a fully managed campaign or live broadcast the Colada team have got you covered. 

We believe and stand by the Colada Blue Print, which comprises of the following elements…

Creative Development

This is where the story starts, we learn about your project ambitions, your goals, what you are looking to achieve with your digital content and map out strategies to achieve. 


Our production process comprises of a number of elements; video filming, sound, graphics, motion graphics, 3D, visual effects, colour grading, photography…


Now your assets are complete, let’s put them to work! Within an asset activation plan we version your content for specific platforms to reap the rewards!


Have an idea or a project, lets collaborate and build some awesome stuff


Colada Creative is a video production agency based in Telford, Shropshire. We produce video and photography content for businesses, broadcasters and brands worldwide. 

We have a simple mission: To produce visually stunning content that delivers extraordinary results.

Working within a family ethos, Colada is built on relationships and reputation. We are passionate about our client associations and are invested in the success of every project.

Together, we create.

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