Creative Development

This is where ideas start coming to life. Creative development is the proving ground. Lets work out what you would like to communicate to your audience or the story you would like to tell. Every project is different and not all require this level of complete production.

Idea creation

We love coming up with interested and engaging ways to best tell and explain a story you would like to communcate to your audience. Lets understand where your assets are going to be used at this point in the project to guide the process forward.


A storyboard is the beginnings of a project visualisation. We often like to digitally draw storyboards and take still photographs to visualise ideas.

Location Sourcing

Location, location, location! What will the light be like at the time of filming? Will it be noisy at certain times when we need to capture clean audio? Does the location best place your brand or product. There’s lots of considerations when choosing a location.

Talent & Contributors

Talent and contributors can really make a project. We have lots of experience when it comes to working with inexperienced talent and sourcing professional talent for productions.

Strategy & Objectives

Lets understand the goals and objectives of your project to plan the path to success.

 Production Team

Every project requires different levels of production resource. Lets understand how far you would like to go and then activate a team to achieve this.


Each project requires a different approach to production equipment. Whether it’s a drone, car rigs, interview lighting set ups or specialist cameras we have the inhouse capabilities to meet each project requirements. 

Project timeline

Setting a project timeline is important to meet key milestones and to deliver finished assets on time.

What we do

We offer a complete in-house managed content creation service. Whether you’re looking to produce a one-off promotional video, a fully managed campaign or live broadcast the Colada team have got you covered. 

We believe and stand by the Colada Blue Print which comprises of the following elements…

Creative Development

This is where the story starts, we learn about your project ambitions, your goals, what you are looking to achieve with your digital content and map out strategies to achieve. 


Our production process comprises of a number of elements; video filming, sound, graphics, motion graphics, 3D, visual effects, colour grading, photography…


Now your assets are complete, let’s put them to work! Within an asset activation plan we version your content for specific platforms to reap the rewards!


Have an idea or a project, lets collaborate and build some awesome stuff

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