We all now know that it’s common for brands to use video, especially in the e-commerce and online retail space. And for good reason! Video has been well established for many years online now (and I’m sure you’ve seen the stats) and, to be quite honest, common sense shows that people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

The answer to increasing sales isn’t just producing more content, it’s making your video content better. It’s a massive misconception that producing more content leads to improved results. We recommend producing better video rather than more content to get lost in the vortex that is the internet!

Our focus is to create streamlined, purchase-primed experiences – ready to be acted on.

Interactive video allows you to create;

  • Lean forward experiences that deliver longer, quality time spent between your audience and your content.
  • Action driven video with lasting brand impact
  • Content your audience looks forward to returning to again and again

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics!

What is shoppable video?

A shoppable video (or e-commerce video) is an interactive video featuring products that people can click to buy directly in the video.

1. National Geographic & Ikea
  • 3.6x interactions per viewer

  • 50% of hotspots explored per viewer

  • 60s average time spent in overlays

2. Cotton’s 60 Second Fashion Show
  • 55% interacted on mobile

  • 3 min average viewer engagement

3. Express Essentials
  • Vertical for social

  • 3+ Interactions per viewer

  • 30% Higher Conversion rate

Why does shoppable video work so well?

Creating better video = better results, that’s why interactive video has a significant advantage over traditional video.

It’s fun and more memorable. 

People spend more time watching interactive video (on average 47% increase over traditional video) and this greater watch time means you get more time to educate your audience and a higher percentage of conversions.

The most obvious and probably the best example of shoppable video is the simplicity of being able to click to buy products directly within a video. Interactive video reduces the conversion funnel of your customers’ purchase journey. Your customer has to be massively invested to watch a traditional (lean back) video, find a link or Google your site, browse through your categories and items to find the one they saw in the video. (Is it just me or can you never find the product you saw in the video on the website!) Anyway, this whole journey is replaced by 1 click with interactive video. Amazing, right? 

See what you like in the video, click and buy. That’s it. If you have a shorter conversion funnel than that, we’d love to see it!

Benefits of shoppable interactive videos

  1. Be easy to buy from, shorten your conversion funnel to create a seamless shopping experience
  2. Overcome indifference, get your audience leaning forward resulting in increased customer engagement
  3. Sell more per viewer than traditional video
  4. Analyse performance with loads of additional metrics that you don’t get from traditional video meaning you can make better decisions with every campaign

If interactive video & shoppable video is of interest to you, let’s have a chat!

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