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We always take a campaign approach with your project. Activation is all about where and how you will use your created assets. We’re often commissioned to produce multiple project assets to sit across a wide range of platforms to generate the results you want.

Activation is something which is commonly overlooked or not overly considered when it comes to digital asset creation. The success of our business has always been about value to our clients. How can we get the most out of a project for you? How can the assets that we produce provide even more value and bang for your buck? It’s usually down to how the content is activated.
Having an activation plan is as important to the success of your campaign as the content itself. How can you distribute the content or version it in as many ways as possible to see the most amount of value whether that be to drive traffic, increase sales, educate, or change perceptions. This all links back to the ‘Creative Development’ process. What is the goal of producing the content in the first place? When this goal is established at the start of a project it helps visualise a map or route to success with content activation.
Each of our clients is different, some want to manage the distribution of the assets created themselves, others want us to manage the complete process. We pride ourselves on being a collaborative team. If there’s any information we have to get you a better end result, we’re all yours! There is no right or wrong way to work but together we want the project to be a success.

Our methodology for activation is broken down into three areas; optimisation, assets, push.


Optimisation is all about the keywords used in the placement titles, the text descriptions used and integration into the channels you will use to place the assets.


Assets are what are created for example, a full resolution 3 minute video, a series of social media resolution assets, short YouTube Pre Roll ads, still photography, accessibility content (sign language and/or subtitles). The list goes on!


Push is where we look to promote, sometimes with paid placements, email campaigns, PR, links with associated bloggers or industry professionals. The list goes on!

What does Colada do to help you activate your digital assets?


At the start of a project commission, we release an activation guide which provides food for thought during the creative development process. This is the right time to consider strategy for the desired outcome.


At the delivery stage of the project Colada can assist you in placing and activating the digital assets created. We can help evaluate and analyse success, review, and learn for future projects. Not every activation channel will be as successful as others. Let’s learn from this together and help you digest the numbers.


Colada offers a completely managed activation service. That means you don’t have to deal with any of this. We will place and manage your content for you.

If you’re interested in talking about your next project and how we can help you activate your content, let’s have a chat!

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What does activation look like?

Sales Team Support

Digital assets are a fantastic tool for sales teams to demonstrate a product or service.
We love the term ‘show, rather than tell’.

Website & Blog

We all know websites and blogs are today’s shopfronts. Let us create a visual experience
that sits inline with the rest of your branding.

E-Mail Marketing

Our clients have great success incorporating video and photography assets into their campaigns to make a more engaging mail shot.

social Media

We can produce different length videos for each social media platform with a variety of aspect ratios to fit (16:9, 9:16 & 1:1).
You’ll be getting likes before you know it!

Youtube & Vimeo

We’ve all seen the crazy stats about YouTube and Vimeo, so we won’t bore you with them! However, targeted pre-roll ads are great and populating your channel is a must when communicating with your audience.


Incorporating digital assets into presentation is a fantastic way to keep your audience’s attention.
They’ll be no dozing off at the back now!

POint of sale

Point of sale assets are brilliant attention grabbers and can help you to communicate quickly to your target audience.

Paid campaign

Targeting your customer has never been easier and our clients see amazing results from using paid campaigns across platforms including TV AdSmart, Social Media Platforms & YouTube.

What we do

We offer a complete in-house managed content creation service.
Whether you’re looking to produce a one-off promotional video, a fully managed campaign or live broadcast, the Colada team have got you covered. 

We believe and stand by the Colada Blue Print, which comprises of the following elements…

Creative Development

This is where the story starts, we learn about your project ambitions, your goals, what you are looking to achieve with your digital content and map out strategies to achieve. 


Our production process comprises of a number of elements; video filming, sound, graphics, motion graphics, 3D, visual effects, colour grading, photography…


Now your assets are complete, let’s put them to work! Within an asset activation plan we version your content for specific platforms to reap the rewards!


Have an idea or a project?
Lets collaborate and build some awesome stuff!

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