A company overview video is a staple of corporate video production. In our opinion most companies should have one. It’s a great way to show what you do, what you’re about, demonstrate your values in a personable and engaging way.

A lot of company videos are quite formulaic. If you’ve seen one before, which you almost certainly have, you’ll get what we mean.

At Colada we try to make every project better than it needs to be. We wouldn’t call it a USP however it is undoubtedly one of the reasons we build long term relationships with our clients.

So, how do you get creative with a corporate video?

The first key is moderation. Going too far in the quest for artistic brilliance can risk losing the message. Focusing too much on a list of key points may seem like communicating with laser-like focus. But it’s also dull. Likely to be boring.

It’s a delicate balance to be both creative and commercially aware.

The buzz word would be something like… purpose-driven creativity. That works.And we think this video for our longtime client, Wellocks, is a great example of this.

Check out the video and see what impression it leaves you with…