In today’s fast-paced world, where efficiency and reliability are paramount, Milwaukee Power Tools has established itself as the industry leader in providing top-notch cordless power tools. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Milwaukee has earned a reputation as the most respected manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools worldwide. When Milwaukee sought to showcase their range of solutions in the transport sector, they turned to Colada Creative – an innovative agency known for its ability to create captivating digital content.

Colada Creative has a track record of delivering outstanding digital content for businesses, broadcasters, and global brands. With their commitment to creating visually stunning and effective videos, Colada takes pride in understanding the target audience and injecting creative flair into every project. Their ultimate goal is to provide exceptional value and ensure a seamless production process for their clients.

The Filming Journey

To capture the essence of Milwaukee’s transport solutions, Colada embarked on an exciting filming journey that took them to prominent locations within the industry. The filming locations included the prestigious Virgin Atlantic hangar at Heathrow Airport, the bustling Calshot Boatyard, Veolia waste management facilities, Mickel Motorport, and Transport for London. By showcasing Milwaukee’s solutions in these diverse settings, Colada aimed to provide a comprehensive and authentic representation of the brand’s capabilities.

The Hero Piece

At the core of the project was the creation of a hero piece – an engaging video to serve as the project’s centerpiece. This long-form content beautifully demonstrated the range of solutions Milwaukee offers across the aerospace, rail, marine, and automotive sectors. By blending stunning visuals, informative storytelling, and the unique brand style that Milwaukee is known for, Colada created a hero piece that left a lasting impression on viewers. This video showcased the true power of Milwaukee’s cordless tools in various transport applications, illustrating their reliability, durability, and unrivaled performance.

Sector Videos

In addition to the hero piece, Colada crafted individual sector videos, each tailored to highlight Milwaukee’s solutions within a specific transport sector. Whether it was the automotive, rail, marine, or aerospace industry, these videos encapsulated the distinct challenges and requirements of each sector. By diving deeper into each industry’s unique demands, Colada effectively communicated how Milwaukee’s tools offer practical and reliable solutions for professionals in these fields.

Product Videos

To complement the sector videos, Colada also produced 15 individual product videos, focusing on Milwaukee’s latest new product introductions (NPIs). These concise and targeted videos provided in-depth insights into the features, capabilities, and benefits of each new tool. Colada’s expertise in showcasing the finer details of Milwaukee’s products allowed potential customers to make informed decisions, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge tools that meet industry demands.


Colada Creative went beyond video production, capturing stunning photography alongside video. With unique access to locations, tools, and users, Colada provided Milwaukee with high-value assets that showcased the tools in action and the professionals who rely on them. These captivating still images amplify Milwaukee’s marketing efforts, adding an extra layer of authenticity and visual impact to the project. The images were also captured using Colada’s inhouse medium format photography equipment, giving Milwaukee the option to print the images in high resolution for public display.


Through their collaboration with Colada Creative, Milwaukee Power Tools successfully brought their transport sector solutions to life. Colada’s ability to combine stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and an understanding of the target audience ensured that the content surpassed Milwaukee’s high standards. By creating a hero piece, sector videos, and individual product videos, Colada effectively showcased Milwaukee’s range of cordless power tools and their application across diverse transport sectors. Milwaukee can confidently present their offerings to professionals worldwide, knowing that the content accurately represents their brand’s innovation, reliability, and dedication to excellence.