Colada Creative, renowned for their ability to deliver captivating video content, recently collaborated with Milwaukee Power Tools on an exciting project—the production of video content highlighting the build and launch of Milwaukee’s latest mobile demonstration unit, known as Big Red 3. This innovative initiative aimed to tour Milwaukee‘s EMEA dealers, showcasing their extensive range of heavy-duty power tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), lighting solutions, and accessories. With meticulous attention to detail, Colada documented the entire process from the unit’s construction to its debut in Riga, Latvia. Let’s dive into the remarkable journey of bringing Big Red 3 to life.

Building Big Red 3

The construction of Big Red 3, Milwaukee’s cutting-edge mobile demonstration unit, took place over a span of three months in Telford. The task of building this impressive unit was entrusted to Torton Bodies, a renowned specialist in custom vehicle conversions. Colada Creative, with their keen eye for detail, closely followed the construction process, documenting every stage from the bare chassis to the transformation into a fully functional mobile showcase. The dedication and craftsmanship displayed during the build phase set the stage for an extraordinary project.

Capturing the Journey

Colada Creative ensured that no detail of the Big Red 3 project was left unrecorded. Three long-term time-lapse cameras were strategically positioned to continuously capture the construction process, providing a unique perspective on the unit’s transformation. The Colada team also made regular visits to the construction site, capturing additional footage that showcased the precision and artistry involved in bringing this remarkable unit to life. This comprehensive coverage allowed for a compelling narrative that showcased the meticulous attention to detail that Milwaukee Power Tools invests in their products.

Delivering Valuable Assets

The final video assets produced by Colada Creative served multiple purposes. Internally, they provided a valuable tool for corporate communication, allowing Milwaukee Power Tools to share the progress and success of the Big Red 3 project with their team. Externally, the videos were instrumental in promoting the new addition to Milwaukee’s demonstration fleet to the public. By showcasing the innovative features and capabilities of Big Red 3, these videos generated excitement and anticipation among Milwaukee’s target audience—EMEA dealers and potential customers alike.

Customer Testimonial

“Working with Colada Creative has been an absolute pleasure. The Team is just more than an Agency, they are friends. 

The team’s desire & ability to capture the essence of our brand, combined with their expertise in video production and photography is second to none.  Starting from the briefing stage, the Team are fully engaged, extremely attentive to our needs as Client right through to the finest of finish on the post edits. 

They consistently demonstrate exceptional creativity – continually bringing new ideas to the table. attention to detail that most miss (especially their estimate brief) and commitment to excellence have exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning, Colada understood our vision and seamlessly translated it into visually stunning content.

Colada’s efforts, has resulted in outstanding assets to a high standard that perfectly matches & truly represents the Milwaukee Brand delivering a high class product to Professional End User.

 The Team’s personality is one that can’t be described on a Testimonial … but let’s say it’s unique – they made the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free with the continual banter, humour and positive way of life! 

The content effectively communicates the practical applications of our Solutions in the aerospace, rail, marine, and automotive sectors in a humble, authentic but stylish way. 

The end results have been engaging, we have seen clear results in our investment which really emphasis’ the relationship we at Milwaukee have with Colada.

We are extremely proud of the outcome of this collaboration and would highly recommend Colada Creative to anyone seeking top-notch digital content creation. Their dedication to delivering value and their ability to make the production process seamless and efficient are unparalleled.

Thank you, Colada Creative, for your exceptional work and for helping us elevate our brand to new heights. We look forward to future collaborations!”