Ok, so you’re looking to make a pizza, you’ve purchased all of the ingredients but when you get home you decide that you fancy making a lasagna instead. Would you attempt to make two different meals with the same ingredients?! We’re being tongue-in-cheek here but creating content for social media is a little bit like this. 

We get asked all the time to make video clips out of an old project or in conjunction with a new project. Which is great. We love clients who want to use their video content in lots of different ways, on lots of different platforms.

However, it is easy for social media video content to be an afterthought. So, if you’re looking to build and improve engagement with your followers, then you should think about making your video ‘social first’. 

When we talk about ‘social first’ we’re talking about creating specific content for the platform you would like to post on. 

We all know by now that social media posts that include video are more likely to be viewed than any other type of post, such as text only or text and image but how can we increase the statistics for a video post? What does a video landscape look like on social media? 

Why have video that looks like this:

Basically, what we’re saying is – it’s easy to make more content but what you need to do is make better content. 

Better video content is more optimised for your audience and improves the metrics of your desired video outcome. 

If social is important for you, and if you’re reading this blog, it probably is!.. Our top tip would be to not take traditional 16:9 content and crop or zoom. The result will in most cases be a slightly worse (compromised) version. Be creative and make it as good, if not better, using your chosen platforms ratios, durations and quirks to your advantage.

It’s not just about creating great, optimised content. It’s how you use it.

Video is going to perform better than a standard post wherever you place it, however we’ve seen a trend towards stories and reels as opposed to “in feed” posts.

Essentially our clients are getting more views in stories and reels than on their feeds. Interesting! Social media and the habits of users is ever changing – keep an eye on our blog to keep updated.

In Summary...
  • Think social first

  • Build a video activation plan

  • If you need to, shoot extra content specifically for social media video

  • Use platforms specs and quirks as an advantage

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