We know everyone wants great value. Whether you’re buying a house, car, your weekly shopping or your next holiday. Making purchasing decisions for your business is no different.

Everyone wants bang for their buck so we’ve put together some information that will help you achieve this with your next video project.

There are two things that we consider at the start of every project. What we’re trying to communicate and how the content will be used.

In this blog we’ll look into how to make best use of your video content and provide you with the maximum return on your investment. 

At the end of the day, video is an investment and sometimes a big one for a business. To maximise the value, or return on investment, you get from your video content it needs to be deployed in the right way

The number one way to achieve this is versioning. In simple terms, taking your main “hero” video and splitting it down into multiple pieces that can be used in different ways and/or using the footage captured to create that hero content into separate stand alone videos. 

Think more of a campaign than a single use video.

Examples of versioning

Social Media

This is the priority for most of our clients. Almost all businesses and brands use social media and many struggle to post regular and relevant content that is suitable for the platform.

  • Shorter clips that can be used for multiple Linkedin posts.

  • Square versions for Instagram, Twitter and any other social platform mostly accessed on mobile devices

  • Vertical versions for Instagram reels.

  • Product or service page.

  • Home page or landing page banner video.

  • Meet the team.

  • Paid social

  • Youtube Pre-Roll

  • TV / Adsmart

Physical Screens
  • Attract people to your stand at an exhibition

  • Introduce your product or service at an event

  • Point of sale

Behind The Scenes

People love to see behind the scenes. There’s added interest in seeing an unpolished look into how content is created. Behind the scenes is great to tease and build interest in your new content and is perfect for “About Us” / “Meet the Team” pages and can lift supplementary content such as blogs.

Tease, Release, Remind

Make your video release into a campaign with versioning. Build interest in your content with short form tease style videos, release the content in full and remind your followers with short call back videos that remind them of the key messages.

It’s a formula you’ll recognise from big TV advertising campaigns.

Have you considered...

Although not strictly versioning, capturing still photography alongside a video shoot is a great way to generate extra content in a cost effective way.

You’ve made the effort to get all of the necessary people and elements together. Make the most of this opportunity to create content. . 

Colada offers high quality (up to medium format) still photography shot alongside video.

Our clients love to talk to us about ideas they have and we get a real pleasure in providing solutions which offer a maximsed return whether that be in sales, engagement or action. 

We’d love to talk to you about your next video project and discuss ways to get the best return on your investment. Let’s have a chat!

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