Grange Park Primary School in Telford, Shropshire contacted Colada Creative to produce a new school promotional video to show off their new premises in Stirchley, Telford. 

Lee James – Head of Extracurricular said “We just wanted to show parents what we offer the children at Grange Park Primary. We feel we offer children as much, if not more than most primary schools around the area, if not in the country, and we wanted to showcase what we offer the children.”

Richard Thorpe – Headteacher “People often don’t want lots of text to read through. Prospectuses are good but a video gives a really good short snapshot of everything we do as a school”

Colada incorporated a range of techniques when producing the video from creative interview set ups, smoke machine hero shots, 3 axis camera gimbal for creative steadicam shots, time lapse and even the use of drone. A range of slow motion footage was captured to highlight the emotion of the students enjoying school life and motion graphics were utilised to increase engagement and reiterate student feedback. 

Richard “We had an initial planning meeting in which we pretty much said ‘over to you’ because we’ve got that trust in what Colada can produce. We wanted to showcase everything about the school and then left it to your creative talents to produce something fantastic, which you did”

Lee “We gave Colada a timetable of what we were doing that week and the team just cracked on. To be honest we didn’t even know they were there! They just did it in the background and produced a fantastic video for us”

The video was delivered as a 3 minute fast paced promotional video which is currently being shared on social media channels and the school website. 

Lee “The video was perfect. It captured exactly we we offer at Grange Park Primary School. It couldn’t have been any better”

Richard “For me schools are all about how they feel. The ethos and culture is the most important thing. I think the end product just pulled it all together brilliantly. We love it. Absolutely love it”

The finished result
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