Colada Creative is delighted to announce that we have joined companies such as Lyreco, Aviva and Capita in signing up to the Good Business Charter (GBC), an accreditation that seeks to raise the bar on business practices for employees, tax, the environment, customers and suppliers.

We are proud to be the first specialist video production and content creation agency to join the GBC.  It has never been more important for businesses to gain trust and show they care about more than just profit.

Before hearing about The Good Business Charter, Colada already took pride in delivering on ten of the key Good Business Charter components. 

We have a burning desire to ‘run a proper business’, by that we mean pay above the real living wage, offer employee well-being (corporate gym and other benefits), promote a healthy work life balance and to make environmentally aware decisions when outsourcing.

At Colada we believe that growth comes from doing business the right way, building relationships and positive working environments.

Our membership of the Good Business Charter includes commitments to;

  • Real living wage
  • Fair working hours  and contracts
  • Employee well-being
  • Employee representation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Pay fair tax
  • Commitment to customers
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Prompt payment to suppliers

Chairman of the GBC board, Simon Fox, said:

The Good Business Charter brings together 10 standards, most of which already exist, but in separate places. We have brought them together to give a coherent overall position for businesses to aspire to. We believe that the GBC has enormous potential to change business practice for good.  We hope that because of its simplicity and cost effectiveness, it will quickly gain support.”