Our striking feature wall was designed and painted by artist, Danny O’Connor.

The back wall in the Colada office steals the attention of everyone who walks through our doors. Hidden beneath the layers of acrylics, spray paint and ink lies a nod to our humble beginnings.

Our first office was just about big enough for Jack and Ian. The ‘cosy’ room was filled by their two desks built by Jack and his dad out of pallets. Internal emails were kept to a minimum, since Jack and Ian only had to pivot on their chair to be able to reach out to each other.


The unit on Stafford Park may have been small, but the work that went on between those four walls was mighty! Jack and Ian serviced clients across the globe. From one small unit, they grew JAKINB from a one-man band business to a full video production agency now employing expert editors, producers and marketeers.

As the business and the team grew, so did the production equipment, the clients and the need for a more creative space – one that included an editing suite (equipped with sofa and a television for an optimal viewing experience) and a meeting space.

Colada Creative was born, and with it came a new office space to work from, big enough for all team members to collaborate under the same roof.

The Colada Creative rebrand saw the new office space go from average to creative – and all this through a global pandemic!

So, who is Danny O’Connor?

Danny O’Connor is an artist based in Liverpool. He studied graphic arts at Liverpool John Moore’s Art School.

In his bio, he describes his work as ‘expressive mixed media’. He ‘combines natural flowing lines with harsh diagonals. Clean crisp areas of colour with layered messy splashes of paint to achieve something that appears both modern and almost futuristic whilst retaining a raw traditional aesthetic.’

To us, Danny is a connection through a friend, Dave, who visited our new office space. At the time, we’d renovated the room in an industrial, yet modern style. One half of the room is styled with a corrugated metal roof and hanging bulbs with a vintage filament that give a warm-orange light. The other half is a white roof with recessed white downlights and a white wall that really needed something…

Dave insisted that we should check out Danny’s work, which would bring our office to life. We took to his Facebook, Instagram and Gallery before deciding that we had to commission Danny to come up with a vision for our new office space.

What the feature wall means to us

O’Connor’s paintings are built up in layers, which give his pieces great depth of field – much like our growing brand. Much like the painting, Colada Creative was created over time by building layer upon layer of hard work. And, if you look closely at the art, you’ll see graffiti-style ‘JAK’ – a nod to humble beginnings.